Neutrogena acne stress control toner review

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I have had acne since I was a freshman in high school, and I am now a junior in college. I have used every acne product in the drugstore, and I've even went to the dermatologist multiple times to be prescribed oral medication or a topical cream. Nothing has worked for my skin until I discovered this toner. This toner is what saved my skin. It really balances out the pH of my skin. I love washing my face and then putting this on right after I dry my face. I will no longer purchase expensive toners that claim to do so much for my skin and don't work. This toner is so cheap and effective. I recommend it to everyone with acne prone skin. Even whenever I don't have acne marks, I still use this to prevent acne from forming. Ease of Application I love the bottle for this toner because all you have to do is squirt a little bit onto a cotton pad and then apply it in circular motions on your skin. Side Effects This toner makes your face feel a little tingly once you put it on, but that feeling goes away. I personally like that feeling because it can actually feel the toner doing its magic. Immediacy I started seeing results after using this toner for about two weeks.




Love this stuff.

When I had acne on my forehead, this is one of the few things I found that could fix it. It's fairly priced and lasts a while if you don't use it all the time. It smells pretty nice for a toner. It's light and fresh with a very small hint of medication. The first time I used it, it burned quite a bit and felt like the area was inflamed. After I used it for about a week, the burning sensation was not as strong whenever I applied it. It got rid of my pimples and white heads faster than usual. It helped the white heads burst on their own. I noticed a difference after the first two days. It dried them up well, and sometimes they got crusty, but that's just part of the healing process. It's easy to apply if you use a cotton ball and put it directly on the area. My skin gets dry easily and dried out the general area I used it in, not just the pimples. I had to moisturize several times a day to get my skin to retain moisture in those areas.


Las Vegas, NV


Just alright for me.

I tried this acne treatment because my face can get a little bit oily, and since it says "stress-free" on the front of the bottle. I thought why not try it since I tend to get pretty stressed out at times. I wasn't fully impressed though. I thought it was going to work better for me than it did. It actually dried out my face quite a bit to the point where there were many parts of my face that were starting to peel. And then it would start to sting. I don't know if my face is just sensitive to certain acne treatments, but I definitely wasn't completely satisfied with the product, as much as I thought I would have been anyways. Like I said, it may just be specific to me, and the sensitivity of my skin. So if you tend to have sensitive skin, I would advise your to go for another product. Plus, it is also pretty expensive so I can, if it is going to cause you some major side effects then you'll be wasting your money as well. Like I said, it's not very cheap so I wouldn't pay more for this product than any other name brand or store brand at the supermarket.




Best for acne!!

This neutrogena product is one of my favourites since I tried it years ago! I have moderate acne nothing i can't hide with make up, but when I started using this my acne cleared up in a few weeks!! have had such clear skin since then, this in combination with other neutrogena products and my skin is looking fabulous. It is not to drying for combination skin like mine, I find with a light oil free moisturizer after my skin is good to go either prepped for make up or even just to leave alone. It is so quick and easy to use, just a little bit on a cotton pad and swipe over your skin and it doesn't burn like some other toners so that pretty awesome! I have sort of sensitive skin but I didn't have any problems with this product no redness or irritation. For the product it is a steal at this price, it is such a great deal a bottle lasts me 1.5-2 months and I use it morning and night. I love it! Side Effects very low




Cleanses and Refreshes!

This is one of the best toners I have used and great for the price! Within the first week, I noticed my skin greatly improved! As summarized from the box, it is designed to treat acne at the source before it emerges while AT THE SAME TIME treating the acne that is already present and reducing redness and blemishes. In this way, you are preventing new acne from emerging. The MicroClear technology unclogs your pores and breaks through oil and dirt so that the medicine treats your face more effectively. And the cucumber and green tea extract soothes your skin while at the same time giving this toner a refreshing scent and feeling. A lot of toners have a harsh scent where you can smell the alcohol and medicine, and sting when they go over your skin, but this product feels refreshing. It is great to use after cleansing your face, and especially at night to make sure that you get any oil or dirt that you missed. I use it once daily, and it targets blemishes especially well. It does not irritate my skin like other toners and blemishes have greatly improved overnight.




Actually works when I'm stressed out.

The biggest cause of breakouts on my face is stress. It's like a mad cycle, when I get stressed, I'll break out. When I break out, I get more stressed. This actually gives me a fighting chance against breakouts, and if I just put a warm washcloth on my face and then use this, it truly works so well for me.




Great product for maintaining clear skin

I have been using this for a year and a half now and my skin has never looked so great! I use this at night all over my face with an exfoliating cotton after removing my makeup and washing my face, this is the only acne treatment I use and it keeps my skin almost completely clear. This isn't a miracle product that will clear your skin overnight but with regular use it will help get rid of excess oil, makeup reside etc that clog your pores and cause breakouts and therefore help your skin stay clear. This does leave your skin feeling very clean and fresh but does sometimes make my face feel tight when my skin is dry but I have never had anuy issues with this drying out or irritating my skin. It has a nice light cucumber-melon type scent to my nose that I don't find offensive and doesn't stick around for too long but definitely adds to the fresh clean feeling this product gives me. The product is also a great value, with everyday use one bottle lasted me almost a year.




Very good product, only at a discount

I get a lot of stress, so I looked at the bottle and thought it would be good for my use. I use this stuff after shower and after nightly at bedtime. It works well. The combination product helps reduce the endless supply that I have at home. My skin starts to clear upu after use with this. It's a nice refreshing cucumber scent. This does not sting at all and you do notice that the pores decrease in size over time. There is no redness and it feels quite refreshing after the use on your face. It can control your blackheads and does appear to reduce the amount of oil in my skin. The problem is it has alcohol and salicyclic acid, which can dry your skin. If you combine this with a cotton made up pad, you will notice that a lot of dirty gets removed. It's definitely worth it, if you can find the product on sale Side Effects Use a moisturizer to reduce the amount of dryness that occurs after the use




Makes skin oily and removes nail polish!

I usually really like Neutrogena products. I did not like this one so much. I was looking for a new astringent/toner, since they stopped making the one I had used for years. I tried a few different Neutrogena products, including this one. This toner smells like honeysuckles, which I guess is better than the strong smell that astringents and toners usually have. I feel like it did not do much for my skin at all though, the nice scent was as good as it got. I felt like it sort of left residue on my skin. My skin got oily soon after using this toner each day, and I do not normally have oily skin, so that was really weird. It did not help control any pimples or breakouts at all. I don't have acne, but do tend to get little pimples here and there. This toner did nothing to help. I finished the bottle and moved onto a different toner by Neutrogena. I will not buy this one again and I would not recommend it. I almost forgot - I apply this with round cotton pads. Every time I used it, it would eat off some of my nail polish! There was always nail polish on the cottons! Seems a bit strong for something you would put on your face, yet it cannot clear up little pimples?

Is Neutrogena toner good for acne?

Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Facial TonerHelp prevent and treat acne while soothing your skin with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Facial Toner. This refreshing toner works in three different ways to give you clearer, shine-free skin.

What does acne stress control toner do?

This refreshing toner works in three different ways to give you clearer, shine-free skin. With Microclear technology, clinically proven acne medicine, and a soothing blend of green tea and cucumber extracts, this toner treats acne even before it emerges, eliminates oil and shine, and even refreshes and soothes skin.

Why does Neutrogena acne Stress Control work?

This oil-free cleanser is so advanced, it treats acne even before it emerges with the help of powerful MicroClear® Technology. MicroClear® is clinically proven to boost the delivery of acne medicine by unclogging congested pores and help get rid of pimples.

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