Which of the following procedures requires that surgical asepsis be maintained?


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Which of the following procedures requires that surgical asepsis be maintained?

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Self-Evaluation Test 1

Primary benefit of numeric filing? Patient confidentiality is preserved
If a patient is unresponsive, what should be assessed first? Respiration
The receptionist who is responsible for opening the medical office must arrive how long before office hours begin? 15-20 minutes
Information obtained from a completed daysheet? Accounts receivable data
Organisms that commonly cause toxic shock syndrome? Staphylococcus aureus
The mesentery is located in which body cavities? Abdominal
A patient must pay $400 per year for medical expenses before the insurance company will begin to cover any expenses. What term describes this payment? Deductible
Pulmonary arteries Transfer low-oxygen blood to the lungs
Which is the most effective way to educate new patients about office policies? Distribute patient information packets
The term cryptorchidism means? Undescended testicle
When collecting a specimen for throat culture, a medical assistant should swab which structure? Pharynx
Most appropriate study to detect breast abscesses? Thermography
A disadvantage of single-entry bookkeeping is that it makes errors hard to spot
A scheduling method in which patients sign in and are seen on a first-come, first-served basis is known as what? Open hours
Which cause would give plasma or serum a milky appearance? Hyperlipidemia
type of mail service that guarantees delivery by 3:00pm the following day? Express
Misspelled Nueron (should be Neuron)
Hypo-, in the word hypolipemia represents what word parts? Prefix
A diaper rash on a pediatric patient may indicate what? Renal dysfunction
A device that digitizes and converts images into an electronic format? Scanner
The main body part involved in the metabolism of drugs is the Liver
Refers to the process of determining the circumference of an infant's head? Mensuration
Depakene is a type of Antiepileptic
What part of a prescription provides directions to the pharmacist? Inscription
An eye examination using a Snellen eye chart tests what? Distance visual acuity
The first cervical vertebra is the Atlas
You are alone, providing CPR for a very small three-year-old child. What is the correct technique to follow in performing chest compressions on this child? Use the heel of one hand
A record must be maintained for all drugs dispensed in the medical office that are classified in which schedules? II, III, IV (ALL THE ABOVE)
Who should correct an error in a patient's chart? Ther person who originally charted the entry
What type of mail provides proof that a letter has been received? Certified
According to the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), how often is recertification of the medical assistant (CMA) credential required? Every five years
The combined contraceptive pill contains Both estrogen and progesterone
An amount that constitutes an addition to revenue is called Credit
The type of listening that occurs when the medical assistant does not offer advice or give assistance is Passive
type of memory used in computers RAM
During a surgical procedure, tissue is cauterized to accomplish what? Burning or cutting of tissues
What parts of a prescription indicates the number of tablets to be dispensed? Superscription
How many digits make up an International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-CM) code that is listed at the highest level of specificity? 5
The sudden onset of a disease marked by intensity is described as Acute
The amylase test is used for disorders related to the Pancreas
A substance that is released from an injured cell is called a(n) Histamine
To comply with Medicare guidelines, the physician must write off what charges? Disallowed charges
Recommended screening test for tuberculosis? Mantoux
The plural of calculus is Calculi
To ensure that refrigerated specimens are preserved properly, it is most important to check what on a daily basis? Temperature
The disbursement journal maintains a record of business expenses for each Month
The physician has just arrived and several patients are waiting to be seen. Which patients should the physician see first? A walk-in patient complaining of pain radiating to the left arm
The medical assistant is drafting a letter on the computer using a model document. Which refers to the model document in this example? Template
Which medication is used to treat patients with hypertension? Hydralazine (Apresoline)
What pieces of mail should be delivered directly to the physician? A meeting notice from a medical society
In an emergency situation, patients with which condition should be treated first? Shock
The white and outermost layer of the eye is called the Sclera
If a drop of blood does not form after capillary puncture, what should be done? Apply steady pressure
An appropriate collection technique? Sending a payment reminder in the form of a statement or letter when the account is 30 days past due
The number of pages most often recommended for a resume? 1
A patient has a sudden decrease in blood pressure after an acute hemorrhage. The primary cause is a decrease in what? Blood volume
The sympathetic action of the pupil of the eye is Dilation
The prefix milli- means? one-thousandth
Measurement of which serum levels is a liver function test? Asparate transaminase
Furosemide is prescribed for Congestive heart failure (CHF), Nephrotic syndrome, Hypercalcemia (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Performed to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) Urine pregnancy test
Nutrient most essential for normal bone development in the fetus? Calcium
Computer menu selections changes the typeface in a document? Font
When dealing with a seriously ill patient, you should Avoid empty promises
Instrument used to expand and separate the walls of a cavity to make examination possible? Speculum
The most common type of anemia is Iron-deficiency
The subject line of a letter appears Two lines below the salutation
A medical assistant should NOT do what when answering the telephone? Give the caller the medical assistant's name first and then the name of the office
The thalamus Acts as a relay station for sensory impulses
Standard letterhead is Used in general business correspondence
Prefix meaning "bad, difficult, painful"? dys-
Bookkeeping term that refers to charges on the patient's account? Debits
Diagnostic study that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of a patient's internal organs? Ultrasonography
Medication that is most appropriate for a patient with depression? Zoloft
Terms that refers to the balance due to a creditor on a current account? Accounts payable
Item that is a capital purchase for the medical office? Autoclave
Class of drugs that is most appropriate for a patient with a persistent cough? Antitussives
A patient should be advised to bring an insurance card to each appointment for which reasons? To identify changes in the patient's current insurance coverage.
A fungal infection of the skin that forms a ring-like pattern? Tinea
Suffix that means "beginning, origin, production"? -genic, -genetic (BOTH)
A 26 yr old woman has swallowed an overdose of prescribed sleeping pills. She is unresponsive. When opening her airway, you find she is gasping for breath & not breathing normally at all. Using a pocket mask, you provide 2 rescue breaths & check for signs Provide rescue breathing at a rate of one breath every five seconds
Used in preparing a blood smear slide? Spreader slide
A physician may order a stool culture if he or she suspects Cancer, Protozoal infection, Bacterial infection, Colitis (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
What can increase blood pressure? Fear of medical personnel
Cells that can release histamine and heparin? Mast cells
The suffix -kinesia means Movement
Term that describes the technique used when the medical assistant repeats this back to the patient: "So you have a lot of difficulty sleeping because of your pain?" Paraphrasing
The most common causative organism of meningitis in adults is Neisseria meningitides
Lidocaine is a type of Antiarrhythmic
If a pt has an abnormally low hemoglobin value, what additionally hematology values would also be abnormally low? Hematocrit
Operative Procedure: Left thyroid lobectomy w/ removal of the isthmus. A MA preparing an insurance claim for the operative procedure shown above should select coding for which body system? Endocrine
The MA calls the endocrinologist to schedule an apt for a pt who has type 1 diabetes mellitus. To avoid hypoglycemia in the patient, what appointment times should the medical assistant request? First appt in the morning
Recommended age to administer the first Haemophilus influenza type b immunization to a child? Two months
The combining form xer/o refers to something dry
Route of administration for parenteral medications? Injection
Position most commonly used for pelvic examination? Lithotomy
According to the Patient's Bill of Rights, what is a patient right? To expect continuity of care
Structure that is located in the thorax? Bronchus
Check drawn by the bank and made payable out of the bank's account? Cashier's check
Most appropriate response by a medical assistant who answers a prank telephone call? Hang up the telephone
An area of dead cells due to a lack of oxygen is called Infarction
In the matrix scheduling system, medical assistants should block off Physicians' lunch hours, Visits with drug company representatives, Time for performing hospital rounds (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Medical assistants should NOT take what action when opening mail? Open the physician's personal mail
Misspelled word Vacsine (Vaccine)
Drug type used to reduce cholesterol? Hypolipidemic
The combining form ot/o means Ear
International Classifications of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-CM) code that should be used to indicate the cause of injury, such as a fall? E880.9
Medical records that should be filed first in a terminal-digit numeric series? 24-53-16
A type of tickler file? Subject
According to US Postal Service guidelines, the correct state abbreviation for an envelope addressed to Boston is? MA
A circle around an abbreviation indicates that it should be Spelled out
Correct spelling for the term describing an area of ossification of bone? Epiphyseal
Statement that best describes the problems that are most commonly present in children or infants whose condition deteriorates due to cardiac arrest? Most cardiac arrests in children are preceded by severe airway and breathing problems or shock.
Which basic computer software operation obtains a saved file? Retrieving file
Cromolyn is used to treat Asthma
You are providing rescue breathing to an unresponsive, nonbreathing child who shows signs of circulation. How often should you provide rescue breaths for this child? Once every three seconds (twenty breaths per minute)
Butenafine is prescribed to treat? Athlete's foot
What step must be taken to recall a mailed letter? Call the post office
If a patient weighs 165 pounds, how much does he or she weigh in kilograms? 75 kg
What action is most appropriate to ensure the security of electronic medical records? Restricting access to information based on each user's job function.
The production of heat needed to use food is called? Thermogenesis
Scheduling two or more patients in the same slot is known as? Double booking
Serum sickness is what type of sensitivity? III
The combining form cheil/o means Lip
Device that is used to keep irregular flows of alternating current electricity from damaging computer components? Surge protector
Body's first line of defense against infection? Skin
Collected for a complete blood cell count? Whole blood
When practicing sterile technique, the medical assistant should use which instruments to set up a sterile field? Transfer forceps
Standard precautions require that examination rooms, equipment, blood spills, and other potentially infectious materials be cleaned with what? Bleach
Device required to perform mensuration (measurement of infants head circumference)? Measuring tape
Portion of a centrifuged urine sample used for microscopic examination? Sediment
A daysheet provides complete and up-to-date information about Accounts receivable
Most important consideration when scheduling patient appointments? Urgency of patient need
What action should a medical assistant take if a caller wants to talk to a physician but refuses to identify him or herself? Ask the person to write a letter to the physician and mark it "personal"
Procedure that requires that surgical asepsis be maintained? Aspiration of fluid from a cyst in the breast
Muscle that is located in the torso? External oblique
Thermometer that can be used with uncooperative patients of any age? Tympanic membrane electronic
When performing electrocardiography, which chest leads should be placed at the fifth intercostal space at the junction f the left midclavicular line? V3
Biohazardous waste must be collected in impermeable polyethylene bags that are what color? Red
A synapse is The junction between two neurons
An extension used to identify a word processing file? .txt
Sensitivity testing is used to determine A pathogen's susceptibility to antibiotics
Drugs that increase urine secretion are Diuretics
The condition in which one of the sex chromosomes is missing is called Turner's syndrome
Term that refers to an advance directive made by an individual that specifies his or her end-of-life wishes? Living will
When a urine culture is being performed, the urine should be incubated on the culture dishes for how many hours? 24
The physician prescribes Prozac 60 mg per day for thirty days. Prozac is available in 20 mg tablets. What is the correct number to be dispensed? 90
The proofreaders' mark "#" represents what? Add a space
The anticoagulant EDTA is most appropriate for a blood specimen that has been collected for Complete blood cell counts
Term that means "fainting?" Syncope
Injections administered under the skin and into the fat layer? Intravenous
A telephone feature that answers calls and has a recording that identifies services available by pressing a specific number is known as? Automated routing unit
A 5 yr old boy w/ leukemia is brought to the office for follow-up exam after spending several days in hospital undergoing many invasive procedures. On arrival to the office, he has "white-coat syndrome" reaction. What best describes the child's reaction? Anxious
Misspelled word Homerous
NOT a characteristic of the Endocrine system? It is responsible for many conscious and unconscious activities
Most likely adverse effect in a patient who takes a beta-adrenergic blocking agent? Bradycardia
Through the US Postal Service, a package of books that weighs 90 pounds Canot be sent because it exceeds weight limits
Type of insurance that covers medical expenses for patients who are injured on the physician's property? Liability
A mechanism involved in healing ulcers? Reduction of gastric acidity, Enhancement of mucosal defenses (BOTH)
Fluoxetine is a type of Antidepressant
The abbreviation NP stands for New patient
True statement about a typical purchasing procedure in a medical office? An authorized person should be in charge of purchasing, Receipts of goods should be recorded, High-quality goods should be ordered at the lowest price, Shipments should be checked against packing slips (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Thrombophlebitis occurs most commonly in the Lower legs
The part of the brin responsible for visual recognition is the Occipital lobe
Horizontal plane that divides the body into upper and lower portions? Transverse
Provides detailed information about the potential hazards of chemicals used in the physician's office? Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Epinephrine is a(n) Adrenergic
Body system that contains the cervix and fallopian tubes? Reproductive
A type of hormone? Secretin
In a medical record, dyspepsia should be recorded under which body system? Digestive
Hospice programs were developed to provide care for which types of patients? Terminally ill
A MA is paid biweekly & earns a reg rate of 10.50/hr. Her employer pays 1.5 times the reg rate for any hrs exceeding 80 w/in a 2-wk time period. During the past 2 weeks, she wrkd 82 hrs. What represents her gross earnings for this biweekly time period? $871.50
Spelled correctly? Papillae
Certified mail is used to send Documents, contracts, and bankbooks
Type A blood has A antigen on the red blood cells and B antibodies in plasma
The three bones in the middle ear that amplify vibration are called Auditory ossicles
You are babysitting your infant nephew. you are alone and find the infant unresponsive. Which is the best action? Begin the ABCs of CPR and then phone 911 after one minute of rescue support
What should be placed on top of a stack of incoming mail for the physician's attention? Consultant's report
When an patient contacts the medical office to terminate the treatment contract, which is the most appropriate initial action by the medical assistant? Document the notification in the patient's medical record
A patient with Addison's disease should be examined by what type of specialist? Endocrinologist

Which of the following thermometers can be used to obtain the fastest accurate reading?

Thermocouple: Thermocouple thermometers are the fastest reading of all thermometers. They can show a final temperature in seconds on a digital display. They have very small tips and can accurately measure the temperature of very thin foods, depending on the size of the probes.

Which of the following is the most important consideration when scheduling patient appointment?

Maintaining patient confidentiality is the most important consideration when scheduling a patient appointment. Other considerations are why they need an appointment, if they need urgent care, or if a teleconsultation would be better.

Why might a patient be advised to fast before a minor surgical procedure?

Why are patients instructed to fast before surgery? Regardless of surgery type or site, we want the stomach to be empty before having anesthesia, because anesthesia can reduce your body's ability to protect and prevent food or acids from the stomach from entering the lungs.

Which of the following positions is most commonly used for pelvic examination?

Traditionally pelvic examination has been performed in the dorsal lithotomy position to facilitate access to the perineum and to adduct the thighs for bimanual examination [3].