Green wave award for top 10 most favorite singers năm 2024

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Làn Sóng Xanh

Green wave award for top 10 most favorite singers năm 2024
Other namesLàn Sóng XanhGenreMusicRunning time60 minutesCountry of originVietnamLanguage(s)VietnameseHome stationVoice of Ho Chi Minh CityRecording studioHo Chi Minh CityOriginal release1997 – presentAudio formatStereophonic soundWebsite

Làn Sóng Xanh (English: "Green Wave") is a Vietnamese music chart programme. The major popular music award in Vietnam, one of the nation’s biggest music contests. Làn Sóng Xanh was launched in 1997 by the Voice of Ho Chi Minh City radio station. Winning the award distinguishes the most successful V-Pop singers.


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Vietnamese music is on the rise with the increasing number of famous singers with a variety of genres who have caught the attention of domestic and international audiences and have a considerable influence on the public. Here are the top 7 best Vietnamese singers you can refer to.

Son Tung M-TP — top most famous singers in Vietnam

Son Tung M-TP, born in Thai Binh Province, has a huge number of fans not only in the country but many others as well. The Thai Binh’s singer is well-known for his charming voice, the talent for music composition, attractive face, and impressive style. He released his first debut in 2012 with the hit song “Con mua ngang qua”. His following songs such as “Nang am xa dan”, “Lac troi”, “Hay trao cho anh”, “Chung ta cua Hien tai”, etc. have became a hot trend, hitting millions of subscribers on Youtube. According to the statistics from TikTok, Son Tung is the very first Vietnamese singer to reach 3 billion views on his hashtag on this platform. He also owns 3.1 million followers on TikTok and 6.2 million on Instagram, making his name outstanding in Vietnam’s entertainment industry. He won a myriad of musical awards from his very first debut until now. He is the owner of the honorable awards in “We Choice Awards 2014”, including “the song of the year”, “top 10 influential people in 2014”, “top 5 inspiring people in 2015”, etc. He was especially honored as the favorite male singer in Zing Music Awards, extraordinary male singer in The Magic Box, the most successful artist in Southeast Asia in MTV Europe Music Awards, etc.

Dong Nhi — top Vietnamese singers

Dong Nhi is a familiar name with the Vietnamese young generation, with extremely famous songs such as “Boi roi”, “Ta Tung Thuoc Ve Nhau”, etc. , which makes her an important position in Vietnam’s entertainment industry. Her official debut album “The first step” in 2010 marked her musical career, which won “the Favourite Album Award” at the HTV Awards, reaching top 10 at the Zing Music Awards. In 2011, She won the award of “the Best Vietnamese Female Singer” at the Zing Music Award thanks to the hit “The Singer”, which was also ranked as the top 10 Album of the year. Other honorable awards she gained in her career such as Mnet Asian Music Awards, European Music, four awards of Mai Vang, three awards of Song Xanh, the singer of the year, etc.

Noo Phuoc Thinh

Noo Phuoc Thinh is renowned as a talented star with good-looking appearance and special voice, making him “stole” the heart of a large number of audiences and becoming “the prince of Ballad”. In 2010, his first debut album was released with the name “Ba Cham” (three dots) which combined various musical genres such as pop, rock, R&B, with sad, romantic rhymes about love and maturity. Especially the song “Mat em” was his big hit, marking his milestone in musical career. Many songs including “Mai mai ben nhau”, “Cause I Love You” hit the views of 46 million and over 100 million respectively, which showed his effect on a large number of audiences. He won many honorable awards thanks to his constant efforts such as “Ballad Male Singer of The Year”’, “Best Male Artist” in VLine Awards in 2018, “Top 10 artists of the Year” in “Mai Vang Awards” in 2017. In Particular, the prince of Ballad songs became the first Vietnamese singer to join Hong Kong Asian — Pop Music Festival in Hong Kong, China.

My Tam — top famous Vietnamese female singers

My Tam is not only well-known as a talented singer but also a director, actress, and judge in a musical competition. Her career started from the very first album named “Mai Yeu” in 2001, and the following albums, especially the third “Yesterday & Now” in 2003 helped her break the record of the best selling album in the domestic market. Best known as “V-pop queen”, My Tam is a hugely influential female singer in Vietnam. In her career, she won numerous awards including 5 Dedication Awards, 5 European Music Awards of MTV, “the most favorite singer” 11 times, and “the singer of the Year” 3 times in the Lan Song Xanh Awards, etc. More specially, she was recognized in the top 50 female influencers in Vietnam” in 2017 by Forbes Vietnam and the first Vietnamese singer to own an album in the top 10 Billboard World Album in 2018.

Ho Ngoc Ha

Ho Ngoc Ha also known as “the queen in Vietnam’s entertainment industry” is a singer, super model, and actress. Her singing career began from her first album “24/7” in 2004, a hit helping her have a steady position in Vietnamese music and honorably appeared in the Asia Song Festival in Korea. Other hits such as “Dem nghe tieng mua”, “Va em da yeu” received high praise from audiences. This Vietnamese singer was honored many times as in top 10 best artist in the Blue Waves Musical Ceremony, best album in the Gold Album Music Awards, in the top best Female Artist, and many other awards.

Dam Vinh Hung

Dam Vinh Hung or Mr. Dam is one of the most famous singers in Vietnam, als known as “the king of Vietnamese music”. His first album “Giot nuoc mat cho doi” in 2003 has marked his name in Vietnam’s musical market, which was an important leap in his singing career. He won a number of prizes and awards from the early years of singing until now. He won the Consolation Prize in the contest “Song of April”, “Festival of voice or semi-professional” in 1996 and 1997. He was listed in the top 10 best artists, the Artist of the Year, and The Best Male Artist for many continuous years. More specially, the king of Vietnamese music won “Contribution Award”, and “Golden album awards” in a couple of years, etc.

Toc Tien

Toc Tien is one of the female singers in Vietnam who owns the largest number of fans in Vietnam thanks to her booming voice, highly fashionable style, and her education. This talented singer started her singing career from a very young age, she has quickly become a teen idol, and an owner of a list of honorable awards such as “ The Star of The Year” in 2014, “VTV Impressive Singer” and “Green Wave Awards” in 2015, and “The Best Female Artist in YAN Vpop 20 Awards”, “The Most Influential Person Voted by the Public”, and the list goes on. Especially, in 2017, she honorably became the representative of Vietnam joining MAMA and won the award of “the best Asia’s artist”, which made her considerable reputation not only in Vietnam but also in other countries.

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